The perfect settle – what is that?

Ok, so far we have tried to determine the characteristics of the perfect sofa, bed or even the couch table. We also wrote about retro and vintage furniture. Today we are going to write about one particularly rare and a little bit forgotten piece of furniture: the settle. It is so unique that it is difficult to decide what actually makes the settle “perfect”, especially nowadays. So, what actually is settle? Let us begin with an explanation.

A settle is a long, wooden bench, frequently with arms. Its most characteristic part is a high back and usually one can often find some storage space beneath the seat. The main difference between it and a chair is that the settle is long enough for three or more people to sit and that sometimes it is fixed to the ground. The high back is not without the meaning, as first settles were invented before centuries. Their construction, often with winged ends, was meant to protect from the medieval draughts. Sometimes settles are referred to as monks benches.

The question is: is there a place for such seemingly uncomfortable, though practical oddity in contemporary times?

Well, there might be, if we make it cosy. Designers have recently reached for this piece of furniture and adopted it to the modern interior decorating by adding some aspects that make settle more comfortable. Let us just compare former versions with the latest ones.

Collonial Settle. Source:


Modern Settle. Source:

As you can see, adding some leather padding completely changes the rough piece of furniture and one must admit, that it looks much more interesting than the ordinary couch or chais. Maybe it is time to get one? :)

Furniture for the bedroom

Bedroom is this kind of place that we tend to think about during the tiring day at work, romantic date or after the exhausting travel. No wonder – after all, we associate that room with rest, relaxation and pleasant sensations.

However, it is easy to spoil its languorous character by inappropriate furniture. What should we rememberer about, if we wish to create a place that will serve as our private oasis?

Obviously – bed. This is the central part of any bedroom. During your shopping in search of your, literally and figuratively, dreamy bed, you should take into account a few issues: is the bed comfortable? Will it be big enough? Yet, will it be not to big so that you would not encounter problems with the mattress, duvet and bed linen? Are the headrests comfortable enough to put pillows on them when you feel like reading or eating in bed?

Well, when you find your bed there are at least two more pieces of furniture that can prove to be useful in bedroom: bedroom cabinet and beside table. While the bedroom cabinet might not be necessary when you keep your linen or clothes somewhere else, the beside table is really practical. You can put there beside lamp, book or glass of water. And it is wise thing to do to check whether the table hight matches the height of a bed :)

What you should not do is to buy any furniture that could turn your bedroom into office. It has been proven that it makes falling into sleep more difficult. If you live in a bachelor flat and have got not too much space, try at least to separate the bedroom part with some kind of partition. The bedroom is made for resting!

Designer couch part 2

Some time ago we dwelled on the subject of designer couch. Today we are continuing this topic, however, this time we will try to make you aware of some hazard connected with the purchase of a designer couch. It may sound ridiculous at first, but believe us – thinking about interior decorating should also include taking some doubts into account. And we would like to help you by shedding light on both advantages and disadvantages of possessing particular kinds of couches.

As we have already said, designer couch in modern interior decorating is a current trend and having one is a sign of your familiarity with the newest trends. However, one of the characteristics of designer couch is often its complete uniqueness. You might say: “well, this is what I am actually looking for”. That is right, but did you make any allowances for the high price of such couch? Now, did you consider that most often such couch is designed for specific interior and it will not suit your room when you decide to change the interior decorating even slightly? That may be not a problem if you cannot complain on lack of money. Nonetheless, if you are rather frugal, designer couch might be not for you. Of course, you can come across designer couch that will be universal, but do not count on low price anyway.

Secondly, if you buy designer or vintage couch from the previous epoch, you can have another problem. While nowadays you can demand some repair from your designer couch producer, it may happen that in the case of some tear or hole in the antique one you will have difficulty with finding the same material. A darn made of different fabric or leather does not look well.

Well, none of these things can happen and we hope you will enjoy your designer couch for years; however, it is better to take some precautions.

Couch table

Couch tables – i.e. tables designed and created to be the supplementation of comfort coming from sitting on a couch – are being incessantly looked for. No wonder – having a rest on a favourite couch implicates having also something to put a cup of coffee on. This seems to be one of these pieces of furniture that should be in every cosy interior. Let us think which attribute of a couch table should be the most important one when buying it.

If we have a closer look at a couch table like this one:


it bacomes obvious that it has been smartly designed in a way that allows you to hang for something both from the sitting and from the lying position. Actually, this characteristic seems to be the crucial one, as – what we all know from experience – couch is a magical furniture that tends to change the human body’s location in an unnoticed way ;) It it important to buy a piece of furniture that will serve you during the tea party or the illness time spent under the blanket. Excessive bending for every single thing from your table can become tiring after some time. It is also practical to have one with some drawers, as above, that will allow you to save space or keep your books and other frequently used items within the reach of your hand. Speaking about practicalness – make sure if the surface of your couch table is water-resistant and will not outwear quickly.

Nevertheless, if you are just interested in the nice design and appearance, nowadays you have a choice that will make you dizzy!

Ottoman, chesterfield, chaise longue – in the world of sofas

Quite often we do not even realise how many types of sofas or couches there are. Admittedly we know that nowadays we can choose in numberless designs, but do you know which classic types of sofa are actually timeless? Well, today we will focus on three examples of such sofas: ottoman, chesterfield and chaiselongue.

Ottoman – is a type of stool or footstool with seat or bench that is upholstered or padded. However, it can be also used as tuffet, hassock, chouch or pouffe. One of its characteristic features is that it is usually deprived of both back and arms. Quite often they are hollow and therefore this furniture can be used also as a practical closet. However, it is not as sophisticated as the second couch on our list of timeless trends.

Chesterfield sofa is a chic in itself. This kind of sofa is usually covered with leather, beautifully upholstered and tufted, but its most distinctive feature are characteristic, big rounded arms, usually as high as its back. The name Chesterfield was given one hundred years ago after Earl of Chesterfield, who has invented this elegant couch.

Speaking about the revival of smart and upholstered beauties, one has to mention the chaise lounge. It is sometimes mixed up with the fainting couch, but the difference is that the latter is raised at one end, while the first one is rather in the shape of a long chair in which one can freely spread legs. One can distinguish three modern types of this sofa: Duchesse brisée , Récamier and Méridienne.

What is worth emphasising, all three types are having a comeback right now.

Designer furniture: designer couch

Designer furniture have become the most demanded ones in the modern interiors. The human need of standing out of the crowd has evolved and it no longer manifests itself only in clothes and styling, but also in the interior design. It is the design of our house that is telling more about the character and personality of its owner than anything else.,id77.html

Designer couch from,id77.html

Designer couch nowadays adopts all possible shapes. That is the essence of a designer furniture – they should be as unique, as possible, artistically polished in every detail and eye-catching.

If you are interested in such exceptional piece of furniture, amongst many acclaimed companies dealing with designer couches, you should get familiar with the art of Massoud Furniture (, Old Hickory Tannery (, Bernhardt ( or Kler (

If you prefer something even more outrageous and amazing, you should watch this:

For more information about Flexible Love, perhaps the most unbelievable designer couch in the world, go to :

At some point there was a lot of interest in a designer couch by Cristian Zuzunaga called Pixel Sofa. One must admit that the bunch of colurs in forms of pixels is really eye-catching. But then we have got something also bringing to mind pixels, but rising this idea into the next level: Do Lo Res Sofa by Ron Arad. It is just unbelievable – composed of several soft cube units in the shape of a rectangular, each one of various height.

The array of modern designer furniture is actually so huge that there is really high probability of finding what we are dreaming of. We have presented just the tip of the iceberg :)



Vintage couch

Vintage couch – that is a couch designed contemporarily, yet referring to past decades, or coming from that times – becomes more and more demanded furniture in the field of interior decorating. There are companies specialising in vintage or retro design and those who acquire authentic,old, sought-after furniture from all around the world.

The reason for which vintage couch is gaining interest is as old as the hills: the realisation that items made up long time ago may be really stylish, beautiful and resistant and that modern not necessarily means better.

Let us have a gander at some demanded vintage couches in modern interior decorating.

Probably the best well-know one is the Victorian couch known as the “fainting couch” -that is a couch with traditionally raised back, but only at one end. This raised part used to be situated either solely at one side of these furniture or was wrapped around and then extended on its length .

Other couches popular both in 19th and 20th century and now, are couches coming from French or Federal Period. What was characteristic for the latter type were the subtle and thin legs of the couch, often with carved feet resembling, for example, an animal paws. They also used to be only daintily padded. The obligatory element was velvet cushions and exposed, wooden frame.

If you consider buying vintage couch, take into account Chaise lounge designs. If the name does not tell you anything, I shall add: “Freud’s couch” and everything should be clear now.

All in all, what matters, is the fact that due to the revival of a vintage couch it is really difficult to say that some couch is old-fashioned. It is the past that is being exploited in modern interior decorating and this paradox leaves room for many experiments.

The couch – number one furniture!

Let us imagine that you are moving to your first house. You are excited about starting to be independent from your parents, but let us face it – in the beginning, your budget is usually limited. Well, le us be honest – it is not limited, you are totally broke, as all your savings from all your short life have been just spent on your new accommodation. You have got some sum of money at your disposal and you need some basic furniture. Which one will you choose, depends on many factors, like your job, amount of stuff that needs to be packed, your personality and many more.

But if you have no idea, what to do and which furniture buy as the first, we will try to convince you that it is the couch that might be the best option.

Why couch? Just think.

All in all, your clothes can still be kept in cartoons or suitcase, which, for the time being, can successfully fulfil a function of a wardrobe. Assuming that your new flat has got a roof, you do not have to be afraid of the rain and your clothes do not have to be placed in the wardrobe.

The same thing is with books: they can wait. You can file them along the wall or even place them in piles one by one, put something flat on them and you have just saved on buying a table.


You can even get along without a fridge – after all, you do not have to buy plenty of food at once or just use it in a short period of time.

All the material things will manage without furniture, believe us! At least untill you have some money again.

Your house or flat does not need any furniture. But not you.

Pretending that sleeping on the floor is convenient will work for less than two nights. And finally the day will come and you will have to admit: the only piece of furniture I really need NOW is a soft, comfortable couch! The value of the deep sleep is hard to overestimate.

And your friends will have a comfortable place to sit at the house-warming party! :)

The benefits of a leather couch

Durability, beauty, strength, color-fade resistance and plenty of other features makes the leather couch the most desirable one.

Although usually quite expensive, leather couch seems to be this kind of expense that really pays off! Amidst immeasurable advantages of this particular, classical piece of furniture, one should also mention:

  • being absolutely unique, as no two hides from which every couch is made are the same,
  • adding chic, luxury and sophistication to every interior,
  • its ability to stay cool when there is hot,
  • stretching to the natural shapes and curves of the body of sitting person, yet keeping its shape,
  • the fell of leather, which is extremely pleasant,
  • and many, many more.

Ok, so you have decided to purchase the leather couch. But what should you take into account to make sure that it will serve you for years?

Firstly, do not be discouraged if you see some markings on the surface of the couch. It is 100% natural and this is what makes every couch so unique! The couches also differ in terms of grades and types of leather they are made of.

The one thing that you should be aware of is that when you can come across the type of leather couch called full grai, it means, that you have got the best kind of leather in front of you. Full grain leather couch is marked by numerous vestiges of life, scars, bug bites or discolorations.

You can also fid top grain, aniline, nubuck, antiqued leather, or, finally, the leather that is painted or pigmented. However, these last types are less breathable and, as a result, also less durable. The low price may indicate that there is some hidden catch.

Nevertheless, nothing can equate to leather couch anyway!

What kind of couch do you dream about?

Do you like these relaxing moments when, after the all-day drudgery, you can finally slump onto your favourite couch? But would you languorously sprawl on that couch in the autumn, cold evening, if it was plastic upholstered?

Well, even if you would not, it is quite interesting how the materials, of which couches are made, evolve and how they influence the interior.

In the past the practical function of upholstered furniture was rather subsidiary. What did matter in the first place was the design and look. Today the designers also compete in creating pieces of furniture artworks. However, the couch is becoming also an applied art. Thus, the materias should not be problematic.

The old, good leather couch seems to satisfy that need. Both smart and easy-to-clean at the same time, it perfectly suits the sophisticated office or retro house. The functionality of leather has blazed a trail for its cheaper descendant – leatherette. In terms of stain resistance, synthetic sofa fabrics such as polyester, acrylic, nylon or microfiber are equally good.

But if keeping your sofa clean is not your main concern, you can choose from the wide range of natural fibers, which perhaps are not easy to clean, but are durable and stylish instead. Thus, you can purchase linen, cotton or suede couch and enjoy the ecological softness. But in that case beware of loosely woven material!

For customers searching for a compromise between functionality and classical style, materials consisting of blended synthetic threads with natural ones might be the best option.

It is important to be aware of the existing wide variety of available materials and to not confine ourselves to well-known choices. Perhaps it is the damask, brocade, vinyl, wool or microsuede that will match up to your expectations?

Whatever couch you choose, bear in mind, that every printed patterns is less-lasting than the one printed onto the fabrics! Remeber about it especially, when you have got little budding painters under your roof.


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